Members’ Tea Party July 2017

On July 9th some 50 of us met up for tea, soft drinks and member supplied cakes and sandwiches in the half acre garden created by my wife and myself at 15 Hids Copse Road since 1993.  The idea was to follow up the Club’s successful winter party with another equally sociable summer occasion.  Fortunately the weather was somewhat cooler than on the Thursday, but still dry so that no gazebos were required.  The lawn had turned brown and it had been a battle to keep everything else watered sufficiently, but the hollyhocks in particular looked good, as the photographs show, and there was a fair amount of other high summer colour too.  Everybody assured me that they had enjoyed themselves!

2017-07-09 CGC Tea party7 2017-07-09 CGC Tea party6

2017-07-09 CGC Tea party5 2017-07-09 CGC Tea party1

2017-07-09 CGC Tea party8 2017-07-09 CGC Tea party4