Visit to Upton Wold and Batsford Arboretum

The Club’s summer outing – by coach on Monday 8 July –  was to the Cotswolds.  We arrived at Upton Wold, part of the large Northwick agricultural estate, in time for coffee/tea etc in a very attractive outbuilding.  We were then given an introductory talk by the owner, who also accompanied us round the 14 acres of gardens, with stories of their development as we went.  The view was stunning and the garden areas were a wonderful achievement  starting with a more or less clean slate in 1973. They included the national collection of walnut trees and an interesting labyrinth.

From Upton Wold we went the short distance to Batsford Arboretum, where some people had lunch in the excellent café and others ate their sandwiches before walking round. The  Club has been to Batsford before to see the autumn colour but it is still beautiful in July and wonderfully tranquil on a warm summer’s day.


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