Spring Show 2019

Spring came early this year, but having peeped out in late February it shrunk back in again to allow the tail end of winter to take over again. Such changeable weather provided a challenge to plants and gardeners alike. Daffodils came early, but would the tulips be delayed by the cold spells? In the event we managed to have both. Exhibitors scoured their gardens for the last of the daffodils and were able to pick the best of the early tulips. So the display at the Show was as good if not better than normal, resulting in a vibrant and colourful display in the Village Hall.

Honey and apple cakes were at the heart of the domestic displays with some 14 exhibits. The stars of the Junior classes were the Lego and bug houses. Many of the Lego exhibits on a garden/farm theme were provided by children from Cumnor Primary school and we are grateful for the children’s enthusiasm and the school’s support. The quality of the photography exhibits remained high with a stunning overall winner from the wildlife category.

Many thanks to all those who exhibited this spring without whom the Show would not be possible. We would like to encourage many more of you to enter the shows. These are not for experts but for the local community so we hope that you will continue to support them.  If you have not entered before, please put in something from your garden, your kitchen or your camera. Thanks also to everyone who came to see the Show in the afternoon. It is rewarding for the exhibitors to see their work appreciated by a wider audience. We are also grateful to those who so generously supported the Plant Stall and Raffle.


The Boyles Cup for the most points in both the daffodil and other flower classes – Harriet Bretherton

The Prince Cup for the best single entry in the daffodil classes – Joan Airey

The Sherlock Shield for the best entry in the other flower classes – Chris Impey

The Stevens Trophy for the most points in the domestic classes – Janet Pottle

The Tighe Cup for the most points in the junior classes – Elizabeth Widdess

The Parker Trophy for the most points in the photographic classes – Chris Scruby

The Parker Trophy for the best entry in the photographic classes – Amanda Widdess

Don’t forget the potato in a bucket and best compost classes. The photographic subjects for the Autumn Show are: Historic homes and gardens in Oxfordshire; Unusual garden sculpture/ornaments; Gardeners at work; Fountains and water features; Cranes and construction; Summer in Oxford.


2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show14 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show17

2019-04-06 Double daffodils 2019-04-06 Narcissi

2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show8 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show7

2019-04-06 Tulips 2019-04-06 Orchid

2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show18 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show14

2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show4 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show3

2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show5 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show9

2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show6 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show16

2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show13 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show11 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show12

2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show10 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show1 2019-04-06 Camellias

2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show2 2019-04-06 CGC Spring Show15