Spring Show 2016

Flower exhibits for the Spring Show are always at the mercy of the season, and this year was no exception. The start of the winter was incredibly mild, so that the earliest daffodils came out in mid December, and we began to worry that there would be none left by the spring! However February and March were cooler, with  the result that many shrubs and tulips were not out for this year’s earlier Show date. In the event there was a fine display of daffodils in all the 13 classes, and enough other spring flowers and shrubs to give a good overall effect.  Both the plant sale and the raffle were successful, and this was a good village occasion.

The number of exhibits was lower this year than last, especially in the domestic, photographic and junior classes, so please begin to think now about entries for the Autumn Show on Saturday 3 September.  The schedule will be available here on the Club website and in Cumnor Parish News as soon as it is available.  To encourage everyone to start taking photos straight away, the six subjects for the Photographic Section are: Bloomers; Garden wildlife; Messing about in boats; Working the land; From above; It makes me laugh.

Thanks are due to the many people who helped to set up and run the Show, including refreshments, to those who donated plants to the plant sale and, of course, to the exhibitors.  However very special thanks are due to our meticulous Show Secretary, Henry Prince, who is retiring after a demanding 7 years in the post.  His successor is our Vice Chairman, Chris Impey, who should be approached on any issues relating to future shows.

The new President, David Heavens presented the principal show awards as follows:

The Daffodil Society’s Bronze Medal for the best single exhibit in the daffodil classes – Harriet Bretherton

The Sherlock Shield for the best single exhibit in the remaining flower classes – Brenda Darnell

The Boyles Cup for the most points in both the daffodil and remaining flower classes – Harriet Bretherton

The Stevens Trophy for the most points in the domestic classes   – Janet Pottle

The Parker Trophy for most points in the photographic classes – Chris Scruby

The Parker Trophy for the best entry in the photographic classes – Chris Scruby


2016-04-02 Yellow daffodils 2016-04-02 Narcissus

2016-04-02 Spring Show2 2016-04-02 Spring Show11

2016-04-02 Red tulips 2016-04-02 Hyacinths

2016-04-02 Spring Show10 2016-04-02 Spring Show7

2016-04-02 Spring Show5 2016-04-02 Spring Show4