Open Gardens 2015

After a gap of three years the Club again organised a successful Open Gardens event in Cumnor, with the proceeds going to a local charity.

Some 15 garden owners expressed their willingness to open their gardens for charity on the afternoons of  the weekend Saturday-Sunday 13-14 June.  The idea was to show what can be done with even quite a small garden, and to give visitors ideas which they can use when they get back home.  The open gardens were very varied in both size and nature, and we believe that this objective was fully met.

The weather was not as kind to us as on previous occasions, but was better on the Sunday, when many gardens received about three times as many visitors as on the previous day.  Overall attendance was good, and the Gardening  Club was able to pass £1500 to TRAX, the local charity helping young people which is based at the Pear Tree roundabout.  We were most grateful to all those who gave time and effort to achieve this excellent result.

Below are some photographs of this event, mainly taken by Christopher Impey.

2015-06-15 Open Gardens5 2015-06-15 Open Gardens8

2015-06-15 Open Gardens4 2015-06-15 Open Gardens6 2015-06-15 Open Gardens7

2015-06-15 Open Gardens9 2015-06-15 Open Gardens10 2015-06-15 Open Gardens14

2015-06-15 Open Gardens13 2015-06-15 Open Gardens11 2015-06-15 Open Gardens15

2015-06-15 Open Gardens1 2015-06-15 Open Gardens12

2015-06-15 Open Gardens2