Visit to The Vyne and West Green House

On September 15th, 41 members of Cumnor Gardening Club set out to visit two National Trust gardens in Hampshire.  Our first stop was The Vyne, an imposing 16th century Tudor country house built for Lord Sandys, King Henry VIII’s Lord Chamberlain, set in fine parkland. Club members were able to take a tour of the house, which retains its Tudor chapel, which was undergoing restoration.

The surroundings were equally splendid, comprising several fine gardens.  The summer house garden was full of colour.  Of particular note was the walled garden with one of the brightest dahlia borders we had ever seen.

After lunch we visited the Garden of West Green House near Hartley Wintney, which has been dramatically restored by Australian gardener and Chelsea medallist, Marilyn Abbott. The Garden combines neo-classical style with contemporary design, with stunning planting, dazzling colour and touches of humour.

The magnificent walled garden, faithfully restored to its original lines, contains a huge variety of colourful fruit and vegetables, along with signature perennial borders.  Close by are further garden rooms, enclosed by 18th century walls, mostly devoted to parterres and topiary. Members enjoyed tea in the “Alice” garden surrounded by topiary teddy bears, mock turtles, teapot and queen of hearts.   Further out is a large Lakeland garden, water gardens, a contemporary Garden of the Five Bridges, and peaceful woodlands.

Our special thanks go to Joyce Robinson and Joan Airey, who have been organising our outings for many years, and who have now passed this responsibility on to Janet Hutton and Russell Ansell.

The Vyne

2015-09-15 The Vyne walled garden6 2015-09-15 The Vyne walled garden3 2015-09-15 The Vyne House8

2015-09-15 The Vyne summerhouse & garden4 2015-09-15 The Vyne walled garden2

2015-09-15 The Vyne walled garden5 2015-09-15 The Vyne walled garden4

2015-09-15 The Vyne House13 2015-09-15 The Vyne House12


2015-09-15 The Vyne House10 2015-09-15 The Vyne House9

2015-09-15 The Vyne House4 2015-09-15 The Vyne House6

2015-09-15 The Vyne House7 2015-09-15 The Vyne gardens1 2015-09-15 The Vyne summerhouse & garden3

2015-09-15 The Vyne House1 2015-09-15 The Vyne House Last Supper Ferretti2015-09-15 The Vyne Cafe


2015-09-15 The Vyne summerhouse & garden2 2015-09-15 The Vyne summerhouse & garden1

2015-09-15 The Vyne gardens3 2015-09-15 The Vyne walled garden1

West Green House

2015-09-15 West Green House refreshments 2015-09-15 West Green House walled garden5 2015-09-15 West Green House walled garden3

2015-09-15 West Green House parterre 2015-09-15 West Green House lake1

2015-09-15 West Green House walled garden4 2015-09-15 West Green House courtyard garden2 2015-09-15 West Green House walled garden6

2015-09-15 West Green House walled garden2 2015-09-15 West Green House courtyard garden1


2015-09-15 West Green House chicken pavilion2015-09-15 West Green House lake32015-09-15 West Green House lake2 2015-09-15 West Green House lake3