Blewbury Manor Visit

Richard Roslyn has been the Head Gardener at Blewbury Manor for 26 years.  So it was not surprising that he seemed quite proprietorial when he took round nearly 35 members of our club on this visit.  This was very much his ‘baby’.  The ten acres of gardens are very varied in style and parts, like the gravel garden with hornbeam shaped to give a cloister effect, have become much more striking over time.

The visit took place on Thursday 6th July, an extremely hot day, and some of us were compelled to retreat to the shade for a time, but Richard was full of interesting comments and practical answers to our many questions. Tea and cakes in the barn at the end were very welcome.

(Many thanks to Jean Mirfield for providing the photographs below)

2017-07-06 Blewbury Manor7 2017-07-06 Blewbury Manor3

2017-07-06 Blewbury Manor2 2017-07-06 Blewbury Manor6

2017-07-06 Blewbury Manor5 2017-07-06 Blewbury Manor4 2017-07-06 Blewbury Manor1